The Lamanai Tour

Located on the western bank of the New River, Lamanai is one of the most popular Mayan cities in Belize.

Jaguar Temple, Lamanai. Orange Walk District.

High Temple, Lamanai. Orange Walk District.


Tour details

This full day tour departs from our hotel dock where guests enjoy an hour boat ride along the beautiful New River to Lamanai. Birds, crocodiles, monkeys and bats can be spotted along the banks of the river. Guests tour this majestic mayan city along trails beneath canopies of lush tropical forests. This half-mile trail includes visits to the Mask Temple, High Temple and Jaguar Temple.

Tour includes

  • Guided tour down New River
  • Guided tour of Lamanai
  • Water, natural juices
  • Lunch


Departs at 9AM and returns at 3 - 4 PM.


US$50.00 (includes entrance fee)